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FAQs - Frequently asked Questions
Your Questions
1. How do I get into the archive?

All customers have to register first.  
2. Do I have to be registered to buy images?

You can purchase products for private use like Print Collectibles as well as books and calendars by adequate links in our “Books & More” section without being registered in the archive of this website. If you want to purchase a license in order to use the images for any purpose you have to be registered first.  
3. How do you secure confidential information that I pass on to you?

Your data is treated absolutely confidential and for no reason referred to thirds.  
4. What does "need for a license" mean?

It means that the license-rights for the images of ‚stefanmay.com Archive' have to be acquired by purchase before utilization.  
5. What do I need to know before licensing or using of images?

Not every image is released for every purview of utilization. The information about utilization-restrictions can be found in the detail-display beside the respective image itself. You might ask for them as well.  
6. What are user-restrictions for images?

Some images can only be purchased in a certain size as well as for a certain purpose.  
7. How do I purchase images?

After you have put your favorite images into your lightbox you can complete your order in ‚Cart'.  
8. How can I calculate the honoraria?

In the cart purview the price for your images will be calculated automatically after your information. Exceptions occur at commercial utilization.  
9. How long does the delivery of an image take?

A delivery can take up to three days. If you have a certain delivery-date additional fees can emerge.  
10. How can I receive a layout image without watermark?

Please note that we charge 50.- Euros/ $ 60 USD shipping-fee for High-Resolution Layout-Data.  
11. When do additional costs occur?

Additional costs occur for express-shipping, image-sizes over 30x40 cm and making of layoutscans which of course are abandoned when the image is finally purchased.